Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love is...

Love is forgiving and making amends.
Love isn't passive and always defends.
Love is so deep, honest and open.
Love isn't about listening, but hearing the unspoken.

Love is about faith, trust and loyalty.
Love isn't just about making memories, but finding your destiny.
Love is sincere, honest and true.
Love isn't about the old, but about creating something new.

Love is about feeling what others merely only dream.
Love isn't about being poorly glued - more like stitched at the seams.
Love is so special; when you get it, don't let it go.
Love isn't wondering what could've been, it's about what you already know.

Love is about second chances, forgiving what's been said and done.
Love isn't abut finding new, but realizing you already have the One.
Love is patient and always makess time.
Love isn't about what's been lost, but about what you'll find.

Love is about kindness and staying true to your heart.
Love isn't about being separated, but becoming stronger as you're apart.
Love is about not wanting to argue but always ready to fight.
Love isn't about what went wrong, but about what's right.

Love is about being fearless, fearing nobody and nothing.
Love isn't about wanting everything, but always cherishing that something.
Love is about always being there through the thick and thin.
Love isn't about saying good-bye but saying hello again and again.

Love is about keeping promises through the imperfection and flaws.
Love isn't about starting over, but picking up where you paused.
Love is about perseverance - supporting them through the good and bad.
Love isn't about changing dreams, but chasing the ones you had.

Love is about the simple things, and not sweating the tough.
Love isn't about what's on the outside because what's inside is enough.
Love is about taking chances and living what's real.
Love isn't about apologizing for what was said, just say what you feel.

Love is rejoicing in the good, becoming stronger in the worst.
Love isn't self-healing but seeking help from His word.
Love is believing in God and the love He gives.
Love isn't about imagining - your love is to be lived.

-- Emilie Lauren Mankey
                  July 25, 2010

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