Monday, February 28, 2011

A Wal-Mart Warning

I'm tagging this as Waiting Room Stories because it just seems to fit so well there...


I've been taking my basal body temperature every morning. Supposedly, you can find a pattern and know when you ovulate. Therefore, this method is common among those looking to conceive and among those looking not to conceive - aka  Natural Family Planning. Well, I've been having problems figuring out my rhythm. So I decided to double up and also take an ovulation test every morning.

I purchased an ovulation prediction kit from the local Wal-Mart. It was $21 with a $7 mail-in rebate. Hey, $7 is $7 and I bought it. I come home, clip off the bar code, add the receipt and address, stamp and seal the envelope and Slider and I walk it to the mailbox. Done! I'm waiting for a check any day, now.

After our little walk, I decide to see what this is actually all about. Basically, the kit comes with a vile of litmus-type tests. You pee in a provided cup, stick the litmus end in the cup, wait five minutes, and read your results: one line, not ovulating; two lines, ovulating.

My kit is conspicuously missing the cup I'm supposed to pee in. If only I had read the directions before clipping the bar code, sealing the receipt in an envelope, and sticking it in the mail box.

Figures! Who decides, "I need ONE cup. I know. I'll get one from the ovulation kits...." Weird.

Only at Wal-Mart.