Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing Jenarbra!

Yes, it's true! There is a baby en route! Anticipating some of your questions, here are some answers:

1. How far along are you? Today, I am 11 weeks 2 days. I will be 12 weeks on Feb 24. The ultra sound photo is from a few weeks ago when I was 8 weeks 5 days. In the photo, the baby is 2.10cm, although that is now outdated, and the baby's now more the size of a plum or clementine.

2. When is your due date? Our first due date was August 26, but our latest due date is September 08. I think it will be closer to the August date. The first date is determined by the first day of your last cycle, and the second date was determined by the length of the baby taken during the ultra sound.

3. When did you find out? We found out pretty early. Very early actually. As you may know, I arrived from Japan on December 11, 2009. A few days after that, I started getting suspicious. We took one pregnancy test that came back negative. Dave was convinced that was the end of it, but I knew better. We waited 5 days and took another one on December 24, when I was about 3 weeks along. So, that's pretty early!

4. Who was the first person you told? The first person I told was my sister, Mary. I woke her up waving a positive pregnancy test in her face, haha. If you know the Walthall Family at all, you know we drink at any family gathering, Christmas Eve being no exception. Mary was my bartender and made me virgin Pomegranate Martinis. Then, I had a get-together in Arlington on the 26th, and Mary again was my bartender and ordered me virgin drinks discretely.

5. I TOLD YOU SO! Yes, Annie Czapp, you were right. When we got together the efirst night I was in town, we'd had a negative preggo test, but I wasn't convinced. It wasn't until the next morning that we found out for sure.

6. So, are you excited?! What kind of future parent would I be if I wasn't excited?? Duh, we're excited.

7. So, was this planned? Yes and no. Coordinating the move from Japan to Cali was super stressful. A certain unnamed older sister told me that stress was a big contributing factor to conception. So me being totally stressed out of my mind, I didn't think we'd be conceiving. Wrong. But Dave and I were completely open to having kids. The Highlander was purchased as a future-baby-mobile. So there you have it.

8. Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl? Yep. But that won't be for another two months I think.

9. Are you already thinking of names? Yep, but we're not sharing.

10. What's with calling it Jenarbra? Well, if you've read Twilight..... It's a combination of our moms' names. Jennifer and Barbara. I think it's pretty gender neutral. We also came up with Mavder - a combination of Slider and Mav, haha.

11. How have you been feeling? I've been feeling pretty good. The first six weeks I felt a little blah, but I've never thrown up. Now that I'm prenatal vitamins.... blah. The amount of iron in them tears up my stomach, so I have to plan when I take it.

12. How did your parents react? We told both of our families when we saw them over the holidays. Mary was the first person we told, followed by my parents on Christmas morning, and then my older sister via skype. When we drove to Mississippi, we told Sarah, and then the rest of the Wrigleys. My mom cried, and Emily didn't. :) Everyone is very excited for us.

Here's the ultrasound video.
You can hear the heart beat! It gets louder and softer as the OB moves the magic wand.... We currently believe there is only one baby, and so far everything looks good.