Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Disclaimer: Not Uplifting. 
Father's Day passed similarly as Mother's Day... though with less tears. I vetoed church because I didn't want to hear a sermon about how great and important dads are. It's not that I don't agree but rather that it is a constant reminder of what we will never have. Playing catch and teaching Noah how to ride a bike just aren't things we can think about without utter pain; instead, we'll be lucky if we get to hold him.

I have to remind us that we are perfect parents because we've given Noah the opportunity very few would grant him: The chance. The opportunity to make a difference in people's lives; to be treated like a normal baby instead of a fatal statistic; to be loved not despite all his difficulties but because of them. But still, we mourn for the loss of what we thought we'd have.


  1. Giving someone a chance at life is one of the most selfless acts imaginable. Little Noah is so lucky to have you both as parents. Love to you both...

  2. He's so very lucky to have you. It breaks my heart that so often nowadays very few babies with disabilities are given such a chance. It's very different than Noah, but there have been many difficulties in my family because of my brother's disabilities, but also so many, surprising blessings. Granted a lot of them are easier to see in retrospect. Doesn't make it any easier, but I wanted to let you know how much I love and respect you guys.

  3. You are wonderful parents. Your sentiments about Mother's Day and Father's Day are perfectly understandable. All my love to you all.

  4. Hey Annie! I was just thinking of you three, and read your blog and was blown by how strong you are. Keep thinking positive thoughts and send that positive energy down to your baby. Praying for you, and with lots of love,