Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Waiting Room

Oh my gosh the Waiting Room blows our minds every time we go. Today we had a 9am appointment, our first one that early. As a result we had a different crew of peeps to hang with. No kids! What!? I know, it was crazy, there were no kids in the waiting room. And only two families violated the "no more than two guests per patient" policy. Also a first. Usually it's everyone.

The wait started very quiet. No distractions. Except two patients had the same first name and so one girl would get all pissed when they meant the other Crystal. Well turns out, Crystal #2 probably had a lot on her mind. Her Snoop-Dawg ring tone was the first thing that drew attention to her. And when it rang for a third time, and she answered, that's when things got interesting. Oh man.

"No, man, he's locked up... yeah, he's in jail. And they won't let me see him.... Yeah, he was arrested yesterday for jaywalking....Yeah, but then they found out he used a fake name, they took his prints, dude. And he had a warrant so the locked him up....They told me they'd arrest me if I kept trying to see him...He's got a court date tomorrow...yeah I know,  but they won't let me see him. I can call a number tomorrow to find out what the result is...."

Yes. Really. That was the conversation she had in the waiting room.

I just want to go back to Japan where you don't answer you cell phone in public. Prime example of a conversation we didn't need to hear!


  1. Beautiful picture of you. As soon as our wedding is paid for I'm coming to visit you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANNIE

  2. Oh sound like you end up hearing and seeing all kinds of interesting things! When my hubby was in the military, I was witness to interesting and crazy things that I never thought that I would see 'off' television. Just makes ya feel a bit more normal when you need it most.

  3. I think you should start waiting in the hall or better yet your car - avoid the waiting room altogether. Let me know and I'll wait as your proxy next time you go - then quickly call you in from the car.

  4. As I visit my grandgals blog, I stop over to your blog. Your posts bring me hope for humanity and honesty. As the birth of Noah comes closer, refresh yourselves with people who care about life itself. God tried HIS best to create people who want to come to Heaven. The "cell phone" lady is a distraction and the "new" medial staff are wasted scholarship money. Their focus is not in the right direction, but, your dignity will shine through them. This much I know is true. Keep flying with your wits about you and all your love for your unborn son.

  5. I was so disappointed in your personal treatment at your recent appointment. Did they not read your medical record? did they not know your decisions? what kind of teaching hospital is this? but, I realized, that Noah taught them all something that day, whether or nor they knew it at the moment, and so did you and Dave. small foot, big imprint. you have all my love and my prayers

  6. Ann, You've got a point about being in Japan and working through major military hospitals and just being with the military in general; a good reminder to me as I sometimes get tired of the discipline and general tact that goes everywhere the military goes. People don't act the same in the "real" world of America and this is very much a shame. Keep the faith. What is the old adage your dad used to use? (maybe still does!) Something like "99% of the people in the world are idiots and the rest of them are Walthalls." The rest of them generally include military personnel although some of them slip in to the military too.