Tuesday, May 18, 2010

more updates

I'm making this quick because I'm super tired of finding more things wrong with Noah.

We had a fetal echo cardiogram on Monday and the Tech found that Noah has Trucus Arteriosis. Click the link to learn about it becuase I don't feel like describing it. The good news is that it doesn't harm him while he's inside me, cause I keep him safe. As always, if it were the only thing wrong, it is treatable.

We had a really good expereince with the doctor there, super nice, easy to talk to, willing to listen, appreciated and supported our decision, inspired by our bravery, etc. The Tech offered to see us whenever we wanted to have an ultrasound - regardless of insurance - during his lunch any day. He's willing to do as many pictures as we'd like.

We also discussed that a) Noah's cute; b) we are blessed that he doesn't have any facial deformities; many babies with these types of abnormalities have cleft palates or the like. It's comforting to be able to just look and him and think he's beautiful, and not have to see everything that's wrong.

Slider's busy eating cat vomit, so I'll leave it all at that.


  1. Noah's NonnyMay 18, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Thank you for posting the pictures. He is soooo beautiful. I love this grandboy!

  2. Thanks for sharing the news, Annie.. and the photo. Will talk on another day. Noah-boy is very special.

  3. He is a beautiful boy, Annie. -Ashleigh

  4. I love this picture of him! He is so precious!
    I am thankful to hear your good news about the nice ultrasound tech!

  5. He really is beautiful! It's wonderful ya'll are getting awesome pictures. Still praying for ya'll and Noah.

  6. He is precious.....cute doesn't even come close!! He looks like a sweet little angel and that sono tech who offered to take pictures for you whenever you wanted is an angel on this earth!!!

    Bless your heart...I'm already in love with Noah...can only imagine how precious he is to you!

  7. Holy cow, he's amazing!! I want to kiss him :)